"I tell people YFS is such a good service. They help people with whatever they’re going through in life. You can trust them. They treat people like family. You can talk to them about anything."




When Capreze, 19, realised the impact of her father’s absence in her life, she turned to drugs to cope. She was used to feeling sad until earlier this year, when she decided to look for help.

“I wanted to give YFS a go. I had seen YFS’ sign before and I just walked in. When I came in I was a bit shy and nervous and then my confidence grew from there.”


Capreze lives with her family. She likes listening to music and helping others. She recently started a new job as a Customer Service Representative at a fish & chip shop in Daisy Hill.

She came to YFS in January and worked closely with Mariann from the SHIFT program. “I started counselling and started to feel better. Mariann helped me get my licence and also helped me with my resume and a few job interviews.”


As Capreze’s confidence kept improving she also asked YFS’ Employer Engagement and Transition Officer, Kiran, to help her to look for work. “I wanted to get somewhere in life,” she says.

Kiran mentored Capreze and then successfully connected her with her current employer. He says Capreze was determined to make the most out of any opportunity that would come along.

“She was so motivated, she made it happen. She just wants to learn and do more every day.”


Capreze admits she’s learnt great things along the way.

“I asked for help because I wanted to get out there, go back to work. The opportunity came up. I had a trial session for four hours one day and I got the job because I did so well.”


“I find my job pretty good. I’m not afraid to ask for help or help them do anything in the shop. I’m now working five days a week, around four to five hours a day, sometimes seven if we’re really busy.”


She’s still attending counselling and she says she now has a better understanding of life. “After counselling I feel good. It’s really helped me. I completely stopped doing drugs. I know I’m doing really well. It has helped me to go further in life and not be afraid to try new things or ask for help.” Becoming more confident has helped Capreze to continue with her life. She now wants to study. “My next move is to get into aged care. I’m planning to get my Certificate. Being able to give back to people and helping others makes me happy.”




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